Pauls Valley — A bunch in Garvin County is bringing in the bacon, literally, for more kids in this county when it comes establishing more child support cases.

Doing it for the kids takes on whole new meaning for a group in the county’s child support office in Pauls Valley that recently got a sign their work is making a difference.

Working through the district attorney’s office here, the group received a couple of big honors when it comes to making child support payments happen.

One was a top honor in the entire state during the recently passed three-month period ending in March, according to Garvin County Assistant District Attorney George Burnett.

“This office had the greatest increase in paternity establishment in the state,” Burnett said.

“We’re number one for this last quarter.”

The honor is related to the kind of cases investigated by the five full-time and one part-time workers in the office that result in getting support payments going from a child’s father.

A second honor came in the overall area of child support payments.

“It was also one of the top three counties in the state in the collection of current support payments,” Burnett said.

Put simply — it registered one of the three largest increases in the payment of child support.

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