What does the web say about you?

According to an article in Recruiter Magazine, the era of candidates causing themselves to not get jobs by having inappropriate Facebook pages is over.  The research they quote says: last year only 0.01% of candidates whose CVs impressed potential employers, failed to secure job opportunities due to questionable social networking profiles, compared to 0.1% in 2006.

However, another article on money.cnn.com suggests that we may have cleared up our Facebook pages, but not gone far enough. It explains how employers are doing deep web searches which show up absolutely everything you’ve posted on line, from forum comments to your Amazon wishlist, as well as declarations of bankruptcy and other personal information.

Understandably, some people are alarmed at the amount of information employers can gather. But in some ways, we’ve just come full circle. Years ago, the blacksmith you were apprenticed to would have known you since you were born, and your family since before that. And, even if we are alarmed, we can’t do anything about it – except make sure that what we post is appropriate and information is accurate.



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