People's Choice Podcast Awards 2010

The nomination phase for the People's Choice Podcast Awards starts today – please nominate us at .

We have been privileged to receive your votes in previous years, and hope that you will nominate and vote for us this year. The awards are one way that we are able to reach more managers and individual contributors. Our mission is to change careers, and in order to do that we need to reach as many as possible. We appreciate your help in doing that.

Here's how the awards work. The nomination process is one time only. You will need to go to and submit Manager Tools or Career Tools in the Business and People's Choice categories. There's lots of other categories in which you can nominate your other favorite podcasts while you're there.

You'll need the URLS which are:

Some of you may be asked to validate your nominations – that's part of the random security process for the awards.

When voting opens, you'll be able to vote every day for our casts.

We're privileged to serve you and look forward to doing so for another year.

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