The Value of a Project Blog

When you’re working on a big project, there are plenty of moving parts that not every team member will be aware of. One way to help to keep everyone up-to-date with the project is to use an internal blog to share information with your team members. It can mean a little extra work, but being being able to keep everyone on the same page can be invaluable.

An Easy Update

It’s easy enough to just tick off an item in a task list in a given project management tool, but that may not offer the whole story. Just because a document was completed, for instance, doesn’t tell the rest of the team where it is, or what resources were used to put it together. A quick update on a blog can prevent team members needing to go back and forth on questions that have already been taken care of.

Reading an internal blog is an easy matter, especially if your team can write short, informative posts. Writing up posts can require more effort, but given that a blog post meant only for internal team consumption doesn’t need to be the next great opus, it’s usually a manageable piece of work. The hardest part for many teams can be getting in the mindset of creating quick blog updates and sharing them with the rest of the group.

Even setting up the blog should be straightforward. It can be a matter of just creating a new blog using free software and putting a password on it to limit access to your team. If you’re willing to let the world see what’s going on with your project, you may not even need the password. Some microblogging tools can make the process even easier, but it’s important to check out what mechanics will best benefit your team.

Showing Your Workload

In larger organizations, it’s easy for departments to become disconnected. One team may need the marketing department to work up a full campaign at just the same time that another team is asking for something equally big. A blog can offer a convenient tool for one department to not only update the rest of the organization about project status, but to also show what sort of availability they have for new projects.

Arash Afshar created an internal site while he was working at the Port of San Diego. The site was specifically meant to educate the rest of the agency on what the marketing and communications departments did, as well as keep them updated about the departments’ workload. “The main page of the intranet site had a blog where we were constantly updating what our current projects were and what we were up to. It worked out well — after a few months of it being up, the frivolous requests (such as asking us to design a birthday card for Uncle Dave) stopped showing up so often,” said Afshar.


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