Performance Reviews

On Wednesday, I got to have a lovely dinner with a long time listener and friend of Manager Tools. As he began to describe his work and his team, he said something like ‘I feel like I have to tell you I’m doing everything perfectly’.

We laughed, but it was a moment for a serious point. Please don’t ever feel like this. Don’t feel like you can’t tell us you’re struggling and ask for help. Don’t feel like this should be easy and you’re the only one who finds it hard. Management is hard. Work is hard (as I told my interns, if it wasn’t, they’d call it play and you wouldn’t get paid for it). Life is messy. Mike, Mark, Maggie and I regularly confess to messing things up – sometimes on air. We’re not doing it perfectly either.

If you’re here, you’re open to critiquing your own performance and trying to do better. You’re open to listening to guidance and trying it out. You’re doing better than 50% of the other managers you know just because of that. Give yourself an A+ in your management performance review. Don’t stop though, and keep trying to do better in 2012. We’ll be here to help you.

General never discloses the reasons for his or her decisions

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