Wasting Resources?

One of the stories we tell at conferences is about Mike's experience of discovering that a report that took several people to produce each week wasn't read by anyone, and was a complete waste of resources. In the September 5 edition of Fortune, there's a similar story from General Motors.

Each month it took 100 plus people to produce a Global Market and Industry Analysis report for 150 readers. That's the first flag – 100 people producing a report for only 150 internal customers? That's not efficient use of resources.

Steve Girsky, Vice Chairman at GM, suspected that the report wasn't being read, so he stopped it being produced. There were a handful of complaints, so he stopped it permanently. Who knows how many months or years that those people had been working on something only a few people read? It pays to review everything you do periodically and to reset your sights on the things which produce most value for the organisation. That's how you find more time, and get more done.


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