Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

500th Cast Winners

Because we had so many great submissions for the 500th cast competition, we awarded more prizes than we originally announced. Tom Baldwin won a seat at a Manager Tools conference and Individual licences for life for both Manager Tools and Career Tools. We also awarded Pierre N, Sven Kosack, Matt Brigance, Joel Bancroft-Connors and Nicholas Dominguez seats at a Manager Tools conference. Our two ‘extra’ winners, Linda Morton and Mathew Lingerich won a year’s License to Manager Tools or Career Tools.

We don’t have room to show you all the winning entries here, but you can read Tom’s below. All the winning entries here on the website at: http://www.manager-tools.com/500th-cast-winners. And, you can read an ever changing selection of the other entries on the homepage.

In the course of all of our reading, we all exchanged numerous emails exclaiming about the stories. We were touched by the thanks and appreciation shared. Many of you told us you didn’t even need to be entered, but you wouldn’t us and everyone else to know how much we were helping. We promise you, it worked. We were all overwhelmed by the comments, and we thank you for them.