Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

Reach Out

At a conference recently I talked to someone who is looking for his next career step. When I asked who he’d talked to, he told me he was looking to find the right people to talk to in other departments.

There’s definitely value in finding the right person – we’d all love to find the perfect mentor who jumpstarts our career first time out. Meeting the right mentor is like other kinds of relationships though – you have to kiss the frogs before you find the prince. Instead of finding the right person, just start meeting people. Use any introduction you can get.

I’ve noticed in the US, people are much more likely to speak to strangers than I’m used to. That’s how I found out how delicious black raspberry icecream is – a guy recommended it to me, when I was just stood in the supermarket. It never hurts though, even though I find it odd. So reach out – you never know what the positive result might be.