Manager Tools believes that the hiring is the most important activity that a manager does. Two articles I read this week provided an example of how not to do it and then how to. The first article is about the CEO’s of enterprise software companies is from Businessweek. In talking about some new HT software it describes a hiring manager working on an app on his smartphone: “A list of to-do items appeared on the screen. Zill clicked on one item – a potential hire – and pored over the dossier compiled by his co-workers. Satisfied with the prospect’s credentials, Zill jabbed the approval button with his finger and hired a new worker – and did all that before finishing his Guinness”. Whilst technology is great, it doesn’t seem to me that this CIO took enough interest or made enough effort considering he was engaged in his most important activity.

The other article is in Inc. It’s entitled ‘The Biggest Hiring Mistake You Can Make’ and the point of the article is that not following up with candidates after they have applied is a mistake. The title is a little exaggerated. But the points they make to support their argument are good. “It’s disrespectful to potential employees: People pay your business the high compliment of all by saying they would like to work for you”.

In hiring, you can do the positive thing (hire) and do it badly. And, you can do the negative thing (reject) and do it well. As a Manager Tools manager, who understands the importance of hiring, you can do all of it well. Why wouldn’t you when it’s the most important thing you do?


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