Avoiding the question

There’s an article in April’s Entrepreneur magazine about answering questions in media interviews. It says “Media trainers will say, “Answer the question you wish they had asked.” Politicians do this. It’s an interesting move because it makes you seem self-possessed and stupid at the same time.”

I’ve seen the same advice given for interviewees interviewing for jobs, and it’s just as stupid. Everyone knows what the politicians are doing, and everyone knows what you’re doing too. They make me want to do this: no,no,no,no,no,no ANSWER THE QUESTION.

But instead, I just give up and move on. So now the candidate hasn’t answered my question, I haven’t listened to what they were trying to tell me (because I’ve decided that it’s not relevant), and I’m not inclined to believe in the interviewees honesty. Who wins? No one.


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