An Hour? Is That It?

I was reading an article in Inc about Duolingo, which is a language training website. It caught my eye, because earlier in the week I’d seen some people discussing it on a forum and saying it was very good.

Anyway, the co-founder, Luis von Ahn, was asked “Do you take a hands-on approach with the hiring now?”. He answered: “I do. Every person who comes through here, I talk to them for an hour. It is amazing how much comes out in an hour”.

Earlier in the interview he said: “I made a concerted effort to hire people who are going to play nice”. Believe me, you don’t learn if someone will play nice in an hour. You have to spend hours and hours. The honeymoon period wears off everything we do, including interviewing. If you still like the person after the honeymoon, then get married. But not an hour.…

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