Things I Never Knew

I love finding out something new. The internet is the best thing that ever happened in my life. I can’t wait more than 2 seconds to look it up when someone asks a question. Do you know how they make steel shapes (for boat propellors and golf clubs)? First, they make a wax mold. Then they dip that in glue and sand, until it’s big and fat. They bake that so the sand hardens and the wax melts. Then, they pour in the steel. Once it’s set, they break off the sand template, and voila! No wonder those things are so expensive. It takes ages!

I read in last September’s Success about a new Macy’s distribution facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It’s so large, that the architects had to take account of the size of the curvature of the earth. I can’t imagine that. I looked up how long the building would have to be (because.. well, I had to KNOW), and it’s 2.9 miles long. That doesn’t sound far, but on the other hand, a nearly 3 mile long BUILDING. That’s massive! They’re going to keep 900,000 pairs of shoes in there. (I think that’s the definition of heaven).

What does any of this have to do with my daily life? Not a lot. It keeps me curious, because I know if I look it up I can find the answer to everything. Some days, two brain cells collide and come up with something completely new. I’m convinced that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t let my mind wander and explore and wonder.

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