Officers and Board

2015 OCSEA Officers and Board Members:


President:  Rachel Milam, STO

Treasurer:  Tammy Riley, El Reno

Secretary:  Melissa Fogaley, Tulsa East

Parliamentarian: Vanessa Noahubi, Idabel

President-elect: Ann Murray, Chickasha

Treasurer-elect: Anne Lawrence, El Reno

Past-President:  Catina Drywater, Claremore


Board-DA/DAC – Marianna Masters, Pauls Valley

Board-DA/DAC – Janet Horn, Sallisaw

Board-DA/DAC – Lee Cohlmia, DAC*

Board-CSS-Local Office – Sally Moore, Tulsa West

Board-CSS-Local Office – Melissa Munn, Altus

Board-CSS-Local Office – Lois Gibson, Claremore*

Board-CSS-Local Office – Lisa Purdy, Idabel*

Board-CSS-Local Office – Micky Kellum, Idabel*

Board-CSS-Local Office – Toy Wicker, Idabel

Board-CSS-STO – Teva Higgins, STO

Board-CSS-STO:  Karen Candler, STO*

Board-Tribal – VACANT

Board-Tribal – Alisha Bible, Chickasaw Nation*

Board-CAP/Contract – Brandy Treiber, McAlester*

Board-At Large Position OCSS/Contract/Tribal – Brenda Kimery, Durant


*Board members term ends December 2015, other Board Members terms end December 2016

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