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Comanche Nation hosts child support resource fair Wednesday –

Sign that says Protecting Children is Everyone's MissionCOMANCHE COUNTY, Okla. – Anyone who has ever had a problem getting child support can get help from the Comanche Nation Child Support Program (CNCSP) and you do not have to be a member of the Comanche Nation to get it.  

The program is open to everyone. It is such a new program, many tribal and non-tribal members do not know about it.  Wednesday, the tribe is having a meeting to answer people’s questions.

CNCSP has only been open for a year and a half, but caseworkers already are busy helping people such as Jerome Howlingwater.  After trying to get child support that was due him for years, he finally turned to the tribe.  Howlingwater has battled getting court-ordered child support from his ex-wife for more than seven years.

“You know it was hard to actually collect while she didn’t live here in Oklahoma,” said Howlingwater.