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Pinterest’s profile page redesign didn’t attract much attention, but it’s indicative of the company’s big, current priority.

A new app called Warblr is able to identify a bird’s species by comparing sounds that users record in the field to a data set of previously recorded birdsong.

The FCC has dropped a big hint about how it will resolve the vexing net neutrality question: its solution sounds like a clever compromise, but will do nothing to stop internet…

Microsoft Health works with Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Much of it is based on Microsoft’s cloud-based “intelligence engine”, and the company wants startups to build health-related services around it.

This startup plans to tackle energy use using data and mobile networks.

The amount of the investment is not yet known, nor are the specific details of the accompanying collaboration, but Evrythng’s “Facebook for things” approach could gel with Samsung’s open-platform aspirations.

A commercial rocket exploded shortly after launch on its mission to resupply the ISS.

Human rights groups including Privacy International and Amnesty International have seized on information, submitted in a tribunal case they initiated after the Snowden leaks, that contradicts previous assurances given by the…

Whisper CEO Michael Heyward said his stomach turned when he read the Guardian’s recent report about his app, in part because of a quote that suggested the company tracks people “for…

Let’s see whether Microsoft can lure new customers to its cloud now that Office 365 subscribers have unlimited OneDrive storage.