An article in Fast Company focuses on Jason Evanish, and his influence on the start up / angel investor / vc relationships in Boston. He runs a clearing house for networking events and startup resources, but he also ‘turned himself into a gatekeeper, arranging strategic meetings to filter out the groupies’. He says ‘Everyone thinks […]

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There’s an article in December 19th’s Forbes magazine about a new burger chain that started in Denver in 2007 and now has 143 locations. In it, CEO Dave Prokupek says: “We overinvest in the things that matter most”. The article goes on, ‘If a line cook fills orders in under six minutes on average, he […]

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Hire For Attitude

One of Manager Tools mantras around hiring is we’ll take less skill if we can get more attitude. Skills can be taught. Attitudes – the behaviours that we want in our team and our workplace – often cannot. I was pleased to see an article reporting on a speech given by the former People and […]

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