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2010 OCSEA Conference 


The OCSEA Board of Directors met in regular session on Friday, February 19, 2010.  In addition to a quorum of Board Members, the meeting was attended by invited guests Raymond Haddock, Gary Dart & Heidi Randell.  The first topic discussed was the anticipated budget for next fiscal year, and how that might impact our annual OCSEA Conference.

 Unless you never follow the news, you already know that Oklahoma may face some budget problems in fiscal year, 2011.  At this point nothing is certain.  But it would be imprudent to ignore the possibilities.  Raymond Haddock reported on the possible impact that held for DHS agency wide.  Gary Dart and Heidi Randell then explained what that might mean to child support and our sources of funding.  I indicated the near unanimous responses I received from the field in response to my previous email to all of you, indicating the majority of you were more concerned with people than with a conference, but wondered how to pick up mandatory training hours.

 After significant discussion, the OCSEA Board of Directors voted unanimously to not have a conference in calendar year 2010.  It saddens me to bring you this news.  I know how important the annual conference is to me personally, and I believe it is just as important to each and every one of you.  I really have no wish to be remembered as the President who had no conference.  But it would be even worse to be remembered as the President who ignored the possibilities, went his own way, and people suffered as a result.

I know you are concerned about training hours, just as my fellow attorneys are concerned about CLE credits.  The Board is aware of these problems and is looking into alternatives that will provide the greatest benefit to the most people at the least cost to OCSEA and OCSS.  These training sessions may consist of one or two day training sessions, presented centrally, regionally, and/or locally.  They may consist of on-line training and telephonic training sessions.  They may well consist of a combination of all available methods.  The Board is still considering those matters.

In the end, the training sessions are for your benefit.  For that reason I am again soliciting your opinion.  We want to know the training you would like to have, and how you would prefer to receive that training.  If you wish to express your thoughts, please do so by simply replying directly to me from this email.  Rest assured that all responses will be read and considered.  As always, your responses will be confidential.

Bruce Hammer
OCSEA President, 2010


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